Thursday, July 10, 2008

Animal Adoption

Yesterday we adopted our 1st family dog. She is the sweetest miniature schnauzer. We adopted her from Garland Animal Services. Her name is Jewels !!. For the most part the experience was okay, but that is most likely because we finally got our precious Jewels. So I am here to give you the low down on the animal shelters in the Dallas Area (well 6 of them anyway).

Our journey started at the Mesquite Animal Shelter (of course). This facility is clean, and nice. They offer an area for you to take the pet you wish to visit with, (This is very important so you can make sure that the pet is the right one for you.) The employees were nice and put the animals first.

Next stop was the SPCA in Dallas. This facility was a sad one (for the pets). The employees more interested in visiting with each other than making sure their pets found a good home. The animals looked scared and sad. If you a a big dog lover (and I mean big dogs) then please rush and save the poor creatures.

We went from SPCA to the Dallas Animal Shelter, but they close at 5:30pm. We were t6old by SPCA they close at 6pm and got there at 5:40pm. SPCA was wrong. We were sad and ended our journey for the day and decided to try again the next day.

The next afternoon we started at the Rowlett Animal Shelter. The facility was nice, but the employees seemed tired and rude. We had to wait 10 minutes for the lady to get off the phone to hand us a packet with directions to other shelters. (Really she could have handed it to us while she was on the phone)

Then we headed to Garland Animal Services. This is were we saw Jewels for the first time. But she was in the Lost and Found Area. When we asked when she would be available they said tomorrow (July 9th). The office closed in 1hour and the likely hood that her owners would walk in was very unlikely. We told them she was exactly what we were looking for and could they not that we were interested and hold her till the next afternoon (we did not want to miss out on her) They said they were sorry, they could do nothing and to call them the next day at 1pm. (She wouldn't be available till then, because the vets had to look at her first) So we sadly left out, but with hopes of getting her the following day.

We flipped for Richardson or Rockwall and tails pointed us towards Rockwall Animal Shelter. Now this is the place were animals want to get lost. First of all this shelter is way out in the middle of nowhere. We joked about finding livestock for adoption when we got their. This place looks newly built and has catered to the animals completely. They also have a inside room and outside room for visiting with your pet. The employees talked with us (way past closing - we got their 10 minutes before they closed) and was willing to let us leave w/ one special puppy if we wanted to (All the other shelters said they stop adopting 30 minutes before closing). When we left (empty handed) they gave our boys a toy and piece of candy. I really wish Jewels was at this facility.

Well finally the next morning I called Garland and come to find out you are only able to leave a message (their is no live contact with these people other then going into the facility) Plus no one ever called back. Thank goodness a close friend took us up to the the shelter and we found out that she was available. We had to still wait for her to be seen by a vet, but they went ahead and let us visit with her (but they have no special place, you just take her outside on the grass in front of the parking lot) (We could have easily got in our car and left since they didn't even ask for ID before taking her out the front door.) Finally I talked with one nice man who put my name and number in the computer and promised to call me when the vet had looked at her. (Everyone else said 1st come 1st serve and to be served you had to be there) But in the end we got her and we are so happy !!


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