Saturday, July 26, 2008

Baby Fever

Okay, I have decided that I am officially insane !!

I have 3 boys (who are a big handful) and for most of the summer I have been pulling my hair out begging for school to start again. So why am I suffering from baby fever.

Baby Fever is when you find your self desperately wanting to have a baby.

I have finally just got my youngest potty trained and now I want to add more diapers ?? Seriuosly, what is wrong with me ?? I know part of me hopes that their are chances that I might have a girl, but really the 3 boys that I have are telling me a fourth will be a boy too and then I would have 4 to deal with !!

Boys are ruff houseing, dirty, demolishing little handfuls !! Yet I do love all three of them. What would be so bad w/ a fourth.

See I am crazy!

1 comment:

Sweet said...

You're going to have another baby, I just know it. You always wanted a big family. You're worried about another boy...what about another set of twins!!!!